The 'White' Thing.

(knits-EllenB/Skirt-mom/Bagpack-Gifted/tights-HM/Shoes-Dr Martens)

While i was just playing youtube.i came across Enrique Iglesias's I Like How It Feels ft Pitbull. God, Im raping the replay button. I like how this song makes me feel. Anyways, this is the outfit i wore to my was comfy and was perfect outfit for the weather..i wore a knit and a pleated skirt which i introduced to you guys in THIS post, with a tights and DR.Martens.:)
Om my way back to home, i stopped by a coffee house with my friend and had ice tea..i tell you, they make the best ice tea in town.
I have been looking an awesome leather bag for so long, but luckily one of my uncle gave his leather bag-pack to me and its completely vintage, and the DR Martens i'm wearing is also given by him on last my last year christmas…He Is my santa.:)…

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Happy Firday.
The Electric Heart Girl


  1. aww u look so cute..
    u must be the most stylish chica informatics ma m sure.. woohoo!!!..


  2. That song is so fantastic. Love it! Also, I adore this outfit. It is so comfy, cute, and chic!

  3. I'm so in love with your outfit and your martins are awesome love em

  4. u look really cute :_

    check out my blog: -- hyped u on lookbook. Check my lookbook profile too:


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