The One I Treasure. Part 1

Most of the time, that is every-time :) My mom used to tell me that i'm careless when it comes to keeping things or being careful with certain stuffs and She used to tell me to be careful every-time but you know , being a small girl during the time didn't really know what she actually meant and i always thought i have my mother to look after my stuffs and ME.
But now,things have changed after my mom left for new york:of course for us (me n my brother).Its been more than 5 years since i last saw my mom.We Skype and all but you know skyping and facebooking is different from being under one roof with the other person, rite?Anyways i'm still not  careful with most of the things.
Yesterday, i searched for my old clothes from my childhood days and guess what i came out with.?
My very first skirt my mom ever gave me. I didn't really wear skirts when i was little,wait,i don't remember actually. But this skirt was given to me by my Mom as a persent for being discharge from the hospital after 11 days of being hospitalized. Yeah i know,11days!!!I guess mom wanted to make me happy as i used to tell her to buy me one,and she always refused.. I had only one skirt in my closet during that time.I didn't really like it because i expected the skirt to be more girly type n cute but thats okie, i was happy.
Time passed and yesterday i found it again and this time i just loved it after looking at the skirt.

I want to dedicate this post to my Mom and Dad.
I love you ,
I will try to be more careful :D

P.S: i will Treasure This Skirt Forever.

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  1. this post is by far my fav, m sure your parents are very proud of you:) and i love this look,love your boots and ofcourse your skirt:)tc den.

  2. aww..this is nice =)
    old is gold, eh?
    ahaha <3


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