Little Lennon To Be.

Coat- JonesNewYork | T - UrbanOutfitters | Pants- Zara | Bag- Jimmy Choo.

HEY WORLD! I am back on my blog. I told myself that i will write this post before the New Years, but i couldn't decide on how to start. Maybe its the result of not writing enough. You know that its been long-long 2014 for me. Uni, Work, Research kept me busy.  So, here i am not promising to write everyday but to try and post outfits as many as i can in 2015.

The weather being extremely cold in NYC, these were the exact coat i have been dreaming of. Warm, furry, and majestic enough to steal the show. With that, i did not have to put any effort on the rest of the outfit. It just worked magically. 


                                                                  The  Electric Heart Girl

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  1. Love the coat 👌
    & you are looking great 😘

  2. LOVE the coat! welcome back!!! you look fab!

  3. The shoes are amazing with skinny jeans, where are they from?

    - Grace xx

    P.S. Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3

  4. love this outfit so badly ! so simple yet so strong !

  5. Welcome home. This is where you belong and I hope you post more often.
    and the mikshey looks darn good on you! ;)



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