New Yorker.

1. Yes, I'm already in New York.
2. Subway Station Pose.
3. In the Streets of New York.
4. Well, i love this fire extinguisher, probably because it has USA flag on it.
Actually this is the  first thing i noticed before i entered my house. It's just right outside my house.(A great prop for sessions)
5. When you see a classic honda,  you never leave without taking a picture with it. (it's Mandatory)
6. Tall buildings, bright lights, Streets of Manhattan.
7. This is not from New York. It's in France. I loved the color, design of the door  so much, that i had to keep it.
8. Zebra Crossing with my first Isabel Marant.
9. Wearing- Zara T- Shirt | Uniqlo Boyfriend Jeans | Boots- DS | Hat- ZARA | Bag- Vintage
10. This is how UB celebrate family weekend/ Carnival.
11. Skateboarding around Astoria Park (  i think, it was my 3rd day in NY)
12. I found my soulmate in NY. He is so nice and cute.
13. In Niagara Falls(In the background), peace sign all the way.
14. Wearing- Mom's cardigan | Blouse- HM | Pants- HM | Shoes- Birkenstock
15. Put your hands up high to touch the sky :D University Hallway.
16. My Birthday Balloon in the corner.
17. City In The World.
18. I actually thought, i was going to miss Nepal's sky and surrounding but no. The night skies in buffalo is breathtaking, so beautiful. I, sometimes, gaze at it.
19. I was supposed to be a Ballet Dancer, but turned out to be part time blogger, full time student.
20. The only thing i love about NY is the STREETS,( it's never ending and there is so many amazing things in every street).
21. With dad on my Birthday. <3
22. University At Buffalo.
23. During Labor's Day, went back to New York.
Wearing- Top- HM | Sweater- HM | Tights- Zara | Bag- Jimmy Choo | Shades- RayBan | Hat- Zara.
24. World's LArgest MACY'S Store in NY. & i had to take a picture, Obviously.
Wearing- Top- HM | Shorts- NEPAL :) | Outerwear- ZARA | Shoes- Birkenstock | Shades- RayBan.

Im sorry, to my readers. I have bee lost from my blog for very long time and i apologize. And, i also know, some of my readers are waiting for my post. Thank you so much for your love and support. I really do miss Nepal and i hope everything is going good there.

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