Hat Trick.

Tshirt/Pant-Handmade | Shoes- PrabalGurung | Hat/Rings- AccessoriesNep

I’ve fallen behind on posting and having trouble believing that these were taken almost after two weeks gap. Shot on a bright perfect day in one of my favorite place to have my pictures taken for my precious and inseparable blog is Bhaisipati aka my 2011 escape grounds.

Heavy/Paisley print has slowly crept into my closet like a Slow Moving Creepy Lizard on your Wall. But sometimes, the interpretation is the most fun. I wanted to keep the look sleek so paired the set with my bang-up new and first Hat of the season and Prabal Gurung Caged Sandals.. Hats are the first and best option to hide away the dreadful hair day us girls have to face. its an IDEAL choice- HAT TRICK.

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