Sports Luxe.

Sweatshirt- RalphLauren | Pants- Addidas | Shoes- Promod | Bag- Chanel | Shades- Rayban | Cap- FathomLove.

One of my favorite trends this season combines the sporty look of sneakers, loose fit pants, sweatshirts, caps with the feminine touch of gold accessories, heels, and fitted leather. So, i am recently obsessing over these pants, i mean sweats and i love them. Mainly because i can do just about anything in them. It is a great option for a comfortable, casual look. Paired with some cool sneakers, sweatshirt and a cap for a lil unexpected twist- ey why not?
And the Sweatshirt and the pants belongs to my brother. I dont know what i' d do without you. I love you. And, I wore this outfit to my brother's basketball match. Proud of him.
Happy Valentines Day.

The Electric Heart Girl
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  1. OH YEAH, I love your pants!



    Ps: I started a running blog with my best friend.

  2. Love this look & your blog! I'm a new GFC follower ;)

  3. hi there
    im ur new follower on gfc
    i dunno why but i get soo ecited whenever i see fashion bloggers from nepal
    luv ur style
    keep posting

  4. This had definitely been my favorite trend too. And I think it is here to stay a while!!
    love you you put this together, looks great!



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