Tragedy In Tibet.

 I being one of the Tibetan refugee living in Nepal, knows the struggle to stand up and fight for our Country Tibet, as the Government of the country we are living in is corrupted by the Chinese Government. As i say Tibetan, most of you would think of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama,(Brief Biography), traveling across the World, spreading Peace and Non-violence and giving knowledge on how to live a better life.

Today I'm going to tell you a fact on how the Tibetans in Tibet are living under the Chinese rule.
 Tibetans are known to be a peaceful, selfless,generous and are very patientful, that is the reason why we the Tibetans are living under the pressure of Chinese government even after conquering our country for 53 year. Chinese government treat our brothers and sisters in Tibet worst than some animals. Due to heavy burden imposed by the Government of China, (Tragedy In Tibet)Tibetans are taking a massive agonizing action against Chinese government by setting themselves on fire for the cause of their people's freedom. The self immolation has skyrocketed to 94 and in it includes mother of 2 children, head of the family, father of 3 boys,teenage boys and girls, mid 30's, early 20's, mid40's,people of all age group, so far the youngest one is 15 years old.How would you feel if one of your family member have done such a brave thing for your country? We greatly suffer their loss, and are praying for their swift rebirth into a great human being. I along with all my Tibetan brothers and sisters stand tall and are proud to call ourselves TIBETANS. if anything so heroic, selfless, spontaneous, non-instigated, and entirely non-violent* had happened anywhere else in the world, especially in the West or in places important to Western interests, like the Middle East or North Africa, these self-immolation's would not only have become headline news but would have been discussed to death (if you will forgive the expression) in TV news-shows, chat-rooms, newspaper op-eds, editorials, blog-rooms, think-tank forums and so on. The issue could even have come up in the American presidential elections, and Tibetan TV viewers watching the foreign policy debate might have been amused by the vision of Mitt Romney scolding president Obama for ignoring the immolation's in Tibet and “apologizing” to China – or its equivalent in this alternate reality.
Although the number of self-immolation's is rising at an exponential and very disturbing rate in Tibet, the crisis is gradually reaching a stalemate. With no change in the horizon and less attention being paid by foreign media and governments, more and more people outside Tibet are expressing doubts about the effectiveness of such protests and wondering whether precious lives are not being sacrificed in vain. PLEASE WORLD, HELP US GET OUR COUNTRY BACK.  We will not stop until we get our country back and also more Tibetans will be prepared to take the agonizing action of self-immolation.
Chinese Authorities keep telling Tibetans not to go to the homes of those who set themselves on fire and also said that if monks go to pray for self- immolators, monasteries will be closed down, and that the families of self immolators will be punished.

P.S: We have nothing against people of china. Its all about the Chinese Government treating our tibetans worst than an animals and making their life miserable to live. We Just Want Our Country Back. We are fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS, if you think you are Human enough, Stand Up To Support Us.

 ~ A young monk holding a picture of a self-immolator in Tibet.
 ~ A teen monk sets himself on fire.(he is the on the back.)
 ~the pictures of self-immolators.

 ~ a middle age woman feeling helpless and showing her love for her country.
 ~In Tibet, a self-immolator runs and shouts for Free Tibet.
 ~A Young Monk shouts for Free Tibet.
 ~ A nun sets herself on fire.

~ Tibet Will Be Free.
Im Doing my Part, Are you? Stand up for Human Rights.
The Electric Heart Girl


  1. I am utterly shocked by this. You're right, i had no idea at all that this was going on, which isn't right. i support the Tibetans, but I do also question whether there is another way to make a statement then self-immolation. Has there been any action from outside organizations to help? I'm so moved by this post, I really hope more people will become aware and help Tibet to regain its independence. Please keep the blogging world updated with what's happening.


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  3. where did you find the tibet will be free picture of the burning monk?


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