Chillin' out

           Sweater- Munchlov | Skinnies- Uniqlo | Bag- BananaRepublic | Shoes- PROMOD | Shades- RayBan

Now that winter is here, its about time i start wearing those chunky knits and keep myself warm. Since the weather was not at its best, i put on my minimal look that could not only transition from day to night but also made it look completely cool. The most favorite piece from this look is my new PROMOD Shoes,the awesome thing is that the shoes looks so much like those Marant's and that  makes me over the top happy:) They kinda seem to go with a lot things and I like that it dresses down my looks and makes them feel a tad bit more cooler.
 Places with out-of ordinary touch to its decor makes it more memorable and beautiful. Like these, paper butterflies on the tree, and the Vintag-y roadside-lamp.
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  1. That knit is really pretty! It's a very stylish way to stay warm as winter starts.

  2. Great look! That jacket is fabulous and pulls the whole thing together really well. Stay warm! xo

  3. I should get me some sneaker wedges.

  4. you look so cool and love the shoes


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