The Sky.

My fondness for the sky has grown since i last took the road-trip with my family. Cotton-candy clouds, golden sun, big old green tress, turquoise river, dust free, noise free, mountains. It was a perfect gateway and i fell most for the SKY. It was like an outer space that we can view from earth. It was downright beautiful. It always take my breath away when i get the opportunity to get out of town and enjoy the beautiful greenery we have our country. It has a heaven's touch to it. Looking at the sky i always wonder how the other side of the world would be and i always end up getting the feeling of being blessed and glad with the life i've got. Gateway's are always inspiring and makes life so much more beautiful and appreciated.
The Electric Heart Girl

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  1. Stunning shots: the colors are beautyful and the sunset is pretty breathtaking :D

  2. so captivating...pleasant for eyes

  3. I love looking at the night sky and clouds of cotton in afternoon too.


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