Neon Bash.

Dress- Zara | Bag- Chanel | Shoes- Zara | Watch- MichaelKors | Shades- Brother's Rayban

I don't really get dolled up often. But i took this  occasion of turning 20 to try my new Neon dress. I love the fact that it's bright and its neon. This lil dress has every aspect i want it in a dress- lace, open back, bright and the perfect shoulder. i literally wore this dress from morning till the time i tucked myself in bed. It's really comfortable and i can twirl and play around in this dress all day long. I feel like a princess in my mini gown.

I eyed for this MK watch long long time back and getting this as a gift from mom and dad made me more happy than i already am by having my mom here with me. Its been 7 years since i last saw her in real and she being here on my birthday completely felt surreal. Cant wait to do all the mother daughter things that i imagined doing with her.

Thank you for all the wishes and love. It made my day more special.
Love you all :)

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  1. aww' such a lovely post..
    happy birthday zema... wish you nothing but happiness..
    and m jus so glad that amala is here with you on ur birthday...what could be a greater gift than that?? but hei' that MK watch is eyes on that ;)

    much love.

  2. You look amazing :) Love the bag!!

  3. you look FABULOUS!!!!!,,jst love the way you are sistahhh <3
    Keep cotinueing and the success will b all yours..:p

  4. Love the shoes!

  5. Gorgeous dress and shoes!!!
    You look amazing!!!

  6. happy belated birthday!! ♥ ur blog, best wishes!

  7. Awww. We're both September babies and belated happy birthday.

    Your dress is really pretty. <3

  8. Love your shoes and the whole outfit too :-) We could follow each other if you'd like. Let me know


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