Take Me Out to the Streets.

Dress-Love21|Bag-Beuno| Boots-A.Vintage| Shades-Vintage

Hair up - check. Now I can start writing in this hellish heat Seriously,i'm sweating. I recently noticed that, besides many many things of course, I'm really good at complaining.i complain about almost everything. I mean I'm a master. First I say I love winter, then in the middle of January sitting at home with the red nose, I just wish it was over. I dream about summer, the Sun. The summer came two days ago. And I've already had enought of it.

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  1. omg zeemala, im loving ur new post, very very cute dress and the background! i miss nepal :)
    keep posting sis
    love love life

  2. Lovely lacy dress with some edgy booties. Great outfit here, Tenzin. Also some lovely hair along with some cool sunglasses.


  3. This outfit is So cute. Loving the bag. Perfect!!



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