Androgynous Dots.

( Top-Zara | Jeans- UNIQLO | Belt-J.Crew | Shoes- A.Vintage| Bag- Thrifted | Shades- Vintage )
Can you believe it i have never completed a novel!  I try to but i never completed one.Maybe too lazy to read the entire book So,i usually jump on to the last page.So this time What i wanna do is try to finish off one book real soon and be happy about completing my first ever book. I went out with my sister for lil town's air- got freshened up with a movie and a cozy dinner..
oh &  i also did lil spring cleaning so i will be posting up pictures of my closet with a help of instagram (who dont love instagram, right?), so remember to read my blog later.:)

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  1. I love the shirt!!

  2. Hey luking gorgeous !!

  3. love the 2nd picture :)
    you look so casual and cute

  4. you look cOol and love your boyfriend denim jeans..keep posting looking forward for more..


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