Excited much!;)
In my last post i told you guys I had an exciting news to share…So,here it is. I was asked to show my closet to our Amazing Wave Magazine. And Honestly, i was so thrilled and honored to get this opportunity.I couldn't miss this for anything.

I want to thank the WAVE team for thinking about me and helping me spread my blog. You guys rocked this issue.And I hope to work with WAVE team in the future.;)

I copied this section from the website itself .I tried to click the part where i was shown but  the writings on it cannot be seen clearly. so i had to take the writings from the magazine's website.                                                   
                                                   Raid my closet

With a fashion blogger and an aspiring model letting us inside their closets, we knew our eyes would be treated to a lot of drool on worthy pieces. What we didn't expect however was seeing some-not-so-cool- clothes tucked away at the back of the otherwise trendy piles.
Tenzin Kelsang, 19

A well fitting 'jhilimili' jumpsuit shows off Kelsang's body and do not be afraid to wear colour for this autumn/winter as Kelsang shows you how. Just don't go crazy.

A student of Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) at Islington College, Kelsang first started blogging a year ago. What started as a way to pass time has turned into a passion for this nineteen-year old. You can read more of her at www.theelectricheartgirl.blogspot.com.

This blogger definitely makes her own rules; by not being afraid to take risks and pairing unconventional pieces in her wardrobe.

It's designer labels and brands doesn't work always but knowing how to put together an outfit does.

This shoe rack was made by the blogger herself. And, you can make one too. All you need are few planks of wood and DVDs( as Kelsang used) or bricks .

Styling Tips for Winter
3 words- layer, layer and layer!
A must have this Winter
A knitted sweater to brave the cold while looking good
Her style inspirations
I turn to other fashion bloggers- fashiontoart, songofstyle for inspiration.
Her shopping stops
People's Plaza for shoes, and DS in Sherpa Mall
"Fashion to me means comfort and also it means not following the trends blindly. It is always wise to wear clothes that suit your body type."

And this is what i can get from my camera:)

And i want to thank all my followers, dailyreaders(non-followers). Without your little encouragement and love, i wouldn't be able to continue doing what i'm doing.

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  1. Congratulations! What amazing news. You look brilliant.



  2. This is really sweet, I love the first photo! xx

  3. Congratulations! How cool and the photos look great xo

  4. Congratulations for the feature :D
    I too am swearing by layering this winter :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your humble following. I shall be glad to follow you back :) I hope my future posts interest you. Please do visit me again!!

  5. Congratulations on this amazing feature! So happy for you and you look stunning in the photos

  6. Congrats Kesang!!

  7. congrats! u deserve it! best wishes <3

  8. Tenzin, this may be an old blog post, but I want to say that I love this jumpsuit you're wearing along with the cherry red shirt (worn like a shrug). The sandals you wore with this jumpsuit and shirt are also lovely to go with everything.



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