Finally 19,Muffin!

I celebrated my birthday couple of weeks back but couldnt update it for some reasons. These are some pictures i took on my birthday..OH yeah,birthday was fun…hung out with my cousins and got a surprise birthday party from my friends(thanks lot)….i got a great gifts which i will reveal in my next post ..till then
I love you guys for reading a piece of my blog every now and then. I appreciat your support for me and my blog…continue giving your love to me.:)
OH i bet you are thinking why i wrote MUFFIN on my title..its because i'm getting addicted to muffins recently..i love its smell..i have been intaking the smell of the muffin for quite a while and my sisters are irritated by me sniffing the muffin instead of eating it…Good times:D

Adios amigos.:D
The Electric Heart Girl.


    n i love the background that your room?

  2. Yes
    …i have 3 colors in my room…haha..i know weird right:)

  3. happy belated birthday!!! love the colour of ur room!

  4. you tibetan?
    wow! i love your blog ..
    may be we could follow each other...
    follow me ill follow you back fo sure..:)

  5. Cute photos!following you.:) hope you'll do the same.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had an amazing one!
    Cute a cute photo shoot!


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