Ready For a New Start.

I'm up for it.


…This past few days,i was intensly busy and i don't know how days passed and its about time for my birthday too.Cant wait for New Beginning:).Anyways I don't have anything planned out for now but i'm sure its gonna turn out pretty awesome with my friends and family.I will keep you guys updated.:).
Today,i had this beautiful italian salad' difficult to pronounce but delicious to eat at Casa Toscana,really a beautiful place.

Till then
i love you
The Electric Heart Girl


  1. aaww i love love loveddd that dress :)

  2. I love ur dress...and place as well..
    btw wer is dis place. ??

  3. that dress looks amazing on you!

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  4. i cant stop but drool over this dress, the color and the asymmetrical silhouette's just amazing. love the wedges.

  5. Love the dress and the third picture so beautifully captured!

  6. Lovely photos!
    Are these taken on the road to Nagarkot?
    The scenary is beautiful!


  7. is bhaisipati…. it is not from nagarkot…its from a place called bhaispati:)
    Thank you HE<:
    ACHA yangchen:….its kinda DIY….i cut the front part by was all in same length……
    sanna and sonam :thank you:D

  8. pretty style you have ! Thanks for you visit and your follow i follow back ! Kisses

  9. Wow stunning dress! I just love the pretty hemline. It looks great with those glasses and boots!

  10. OMG, I am in LOVE with the dress. It looks SO good on you. Bet I would have never been able to carry it off like you do.


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