Cruel World


So Today I went out to watch Tibetan cultural show with my sisters..We were all very excited to watch our cultural dances and songs after very long time. We were enjoying all the performances and  I was backstage trying to get pictures to put it on blog to show you guys  and out of nowhere,one guy comes up and tells us that the show will not continue. Three police officers came in and ordered to stop the show; all because of those Chinese Government. We all got so furious and beaten up by the fact that even when we have peaceful get together or anything thats related to promoting our culture,those asses shows up and puts an end to it.Can you believe, we weren't able to celebrate our new year for a three freaking years.
Got few pictures taken coz those officers were trying to snatch my camera off me and who knows i can be put behind jail for trying to take pictures of them doing their heartless deeds.

 It's sad that we don't have freedom to live the way we want to live. Before doing anything,we have to think thousands of times.Its a cruel world with no sense of morality and freedom.I hope this ends soon and we can go back to doing our own thing with no interference from Nepali government and Chinese Government.

NOW, this is the  cultural dances/dresses i  was referring to.:)

The Electric Heart Girl


  1. *yet another* vicious and evil act!!
    Nepalese government..officers...and workers..will always remain a DOG! A dog that wags its tail with each sign from Chinese delegates...
    I hope the nepalese Govt comes back to its sense!


  2. what the hell! that's just too disrespectful, especially when it was just a normal peaceful gathering. i hope we can all end situations like these soon.

    very different, yet still a great post. love the outfits! best wishes <3

  3. it's nice to see u embrace ur culture!!! its good thing u r wishes!!! ANN

  4. it's pathetic how these officers act as a puppet to the Chinese government, i pity's a complete violation of our basic rights, we cant even express ourselves without being persecuted.shame on nepalese government.

    on a happier note, i love the pictures you took of the performers:)


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