Being young isn't as easy as it looks.

                       (croptop-Forever21/pants-UNIQLO/shoes-basic editions/HugATreebag-old navy)

Oh,Sunday!!!Most boring day ever. Have to wake up early to go school after relaxing weekend.Sundays make me wanna sleep more….Anyways, classes are getting more exciting and fun and i had a friend who picked me up from college and yeah,as usual,we went to our favorite place far from hustle and bustle of city life…And clicked pictures of my casual college outfit and fooled around for a while…I know,lot of pictures,right? I just wanted to share it with you guys.Next time, i will try to reduce it by half :)
Stay safe,
The Electric Heart Girl


  1. I LOVE THE PICTURES .... seriously ? where the heaven is this???..

  2. Its in bhaisipati..its really a beautiful place :)


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