Stay By My Side.

Stay By My Side.
(sheer-t/your6thsense,denim/silence+noise,bag/vintage,shoes/basic edition)

Omygod, it feels like ages since i posted. I have been busy with my internals of my college, i'm seriously ready to my external exams in a while but I promise i'll try to update as much as i can though so keep checking.
i got this photo taken when i went out to get some fresh air with my good friend and stopped on the way to grab our now favorite Iced frappuccino  and hers choco lash!!This is my FACEBOOK PAGE.Like me!:)


  1. over size top is perfect for summer...
    good one...

  2. I absolutely love this outfit! Those gray pants are awesome!

  3. the tight jeans...<3ed it..
    do update more... love love your style your blog

  4. I love the Jeans... looks so nice!

    Kavita -

  5. love the oversized pale pink blouse! goes so perfectly with gray.

  6. We looooooove this outfit! The colours are adorable.


    Thessy & Yiota - BLOG - SHOP

  7. Love the outfit:)

    P.s ur soo skinnyy...
    can u give me some tip ??


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