Drop that babe, I still can’t forget you.

[Top-Forever21/shorts-VintageLevi's/shoes-Limited edition/sunglasses-vintage]
I know i haven't been blogging lately, its coz i got caught up in Hollywood and k-pop world where happy endings are indisputable .:) I have been ultimately slothful. Anyways, college is starting soon which means more outfit post for you guys and for me, getting more chance to explore fashion. Last saturday, i went for a swim to cool myself off in the hot scorching sun but suddenly it turned into a deluge. But  It feels different while swimming in the rain. For me , it provides different satisfaction, different happiness and excitement,[weird,right?] I prefer swimming in the rain rather than swimming under the hot sun. =] Don't forget like my Facebook Page People.


  1. Love this outfit, you look so pretty! And those sunglasses are awesome!

  2. super cute!! LOVE IT :)




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