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Fooling around :)
 Hey my lovely readers,
How was your weekend?As for my weekend, it was kinda full of plans.Woke up and got ready for my younger sister's Graduation.She graduated high school and we are very proud of her.:) Yes,It took about half of our day and then we went for street festival which was fun with cotton candy,music,food and of course lots of people. Got to meet some of my old friends and had delicious food with lots of pictures taken for my blog but i didn't put up every pics i took because i thought you guys will get bored going through it and i don't want that :)
                     Left pic has my elder sis and the right one has my youngest sister.:) Isn't the uniform cute?:)

Left -Right: Heading towards Sexinness. HAHA

i Love this big AA Clutch. :)
where are you?O_0

   Blazer- Korean brand
   Pant- Hm
   Black T- Allen B.
   Shoes- Bangkok
   Bag- AA

My day was still not over after the festival,we went for dinner - continuing the Graduation celebration <<.Anyways,i'll post what i wore to the dinner some time later.It has lil bit of summer-ish look.>>
I hope you will like it.:]

Till then
take care
The Electric Heart Girl


  1. omg i have similar blackwedges.^-^same pinch
    haha..luv ur outfit though ...

  2. love the wedgeshoe!!..
    envy your body:)

  3. dear u look amazing!i love everything about this outfit!really like your blog.i am following you now.follow back if u want :)

  4. i love your hair:) isnt that high school??anyways lovely outfit,as always.

  5. loving your outfit here. esp your pants. so lovely

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