So, people This is HESSED, a place where delicious doughnuts and cupcakes are sold..My Brother introduced this place to me. It is located in Jawalakhel,near saleways.If you pass by this shop anytime, you should definitely buy some doughnuts and cupcakes for your loved ones.I'm sure they will love it.it has perfect balance of sugar,chocolate and everything they use in it :)..It has Beautiful interior with a classic clock on the wall…  I have some photos to show you guys.

I couldn't wait to get this beautiful things inside my stomach.So, as soon as i reached home,i clicked these photos to show you guys and then sat down with a glass of juice and finished all of it.:)

P.S:thank you cho for the doughnuts and cupcakes.i can feel those fats i lost coming back to me.kidding.
till then
ciao guys.
The Electric Heart Girl.


  1. the donuts looks so good, next year when i come to nepal, m def trying those:) ur blog os amazing and u r amazing tenzi kelsang, keep posting:) tc.

  2. I also love doughnut and cupcakes!!!
    I eat cakes everyday.
    thank you for your comments to kimonosnack!
    I am glad.

  3. I LOVE cupcakes!! :] That's all I've been doing is trying to find a great cupcake place in New York!


  4. Those chocolate cupcakes look amazing! Now i have the overwhelming urge to bake.

  5. hungry!! hahaah love the display!


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