A Varsity Girl.

kisses from ELECTRIC HEART GIRL ^^

Here i am , back with an outfit post where i finally get to wear my New York varsity jacket,which is one of those items i always wanted to own.

Well,I was waiting for a perfect weather to wear VArsity Jacket but the weather was already getting hotter day by day. Luckily, yesterday,the weather was perfect for me to wear it.i paired my Varsity Jacket with stripe T and a pair of black denim with all star shoes.

varsity jacket - Hardwood Classic
stripe t- HM
denim- Uniqlo
shoes- All Stars Shoes

Till Then
HAve Fun With Your Wardrobe.

The Electric Heart Girl


  1. interesting blog :)loved reading everything :) Good to see you're from Nepal :) love the country :)


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