I'm No Beauty Queen,I'm Just Beautiful Me.

Running from City Mess. 
trying to be an angel.

Today it didn't go as i planned. I always thought of donating blood to any hospitals because it can save someones life and my dad told me there is a donation program near by. I was so happy,i was like "FINALLY I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE " I changed from my pajamas to something decent looking.:ate my breakfast with tons of juice. Then there i was  eagerly waiting for my blood pressure check up , but sadly, the nurse told me that i was not capable of giving my blood cause of  low blood pressure.i was enraged by what she said.Then,i walked out :(

Okie, but my afternoon was not that bad.i made Bibimbap which means "mixed rice"Bibim" means "mixed" and "bap" means "rice" in korean.its a korean dish. It turned out quite good. ill post the picture some other time.

so,i wore this outfit for a movie..i and my brother went to watch FAST FIVE.and it was a badass movie…i loved it.The cars were TO-DIe for and Tyrese and ludacris was awesome….Anyways if you guys haven't watched the movie yet ,then go out and watch it in a cinema hall cause  it can definitely make the movie more exciting and breathtaking.

Top- Tempow-instyle.
Skirt- HM
Shoes- Basic Editions
Bag- Vintage
Belt- it was attached with rainbow of me dress

Till Then.
have Fun With Your Wardrobe
The Electric Heart Girl.


  1. heya great post again. but got one comment to make. its not not an insult.. ya .. not only at this post but other previous post as well..wen ya take a pose as far as possible try making it natural and different... of course the background should be different.. rest ya have done it superb,, hi 5 for it.. lol


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