I'm with my new outfit post for you guys.As i told you guys i have been busy most of my time,i managed to click a new photo on my outfit.Yesterday i was trying on clothes for dinner with my families and it suddenly came up on my mind that i haven't posted anything on my blog lately,so i came up with this is getting hotter everyday in Nepal.Last year around this time it was little cold though not too hot,but now it is nowhere to compare with last year's weather.So i thought it would be the right time to to post my new  summery look.The outfit is simple,not too many accessories,keeping it light and simple yet cool.I don't wear white that much but this top looks cool with high waisted skirt which i made..:)

                                              so here it is ....Taddaa...^_*

                                                            I'm wearing white top from HM,  
                                                        HIgh waisted skirt self made ,belt from HM,
                                                     flats from basic editions,bag -vintage,and  
                                                                      glasses -vintage (MY MOM's)

P.S:I'm sorry for pictures being fuzzy, i used my laptop while clicking this time will be better,okie!!!

Till then,stay tuned i'll be posting my inspirational post after this.



  1. I love your room so cutee!! and just how on earth did u make the skirt?? so pretty.

  2. hmmm i got this cloth from my old closet and kept it simple coz i didnt want to waste the cloth…i sewed measured and everything in between.:D
    AND here it is..:)

  3. i like ur presentation overall, focus bit on photography rest are speechless.


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