Dear Readers,
Im so sorry for not updating  on my blog,i have been very busy and i didn't even get a chance to open my blog for a long time .my blog looks very boring but from now on i will try to post more outfit post  and try to be active while taking pictures.I had lots of things going on during past few weeks.But everything is fine now,and now im here apologizing to you readers for not being able to keep in touch :)
But hey i'll try to be more ope to you about myself and whats going on in my life. joining college ..YAY...Finally i have somewhere to go after one year gap of not studying.Im very              excited about this.(wish me luck)
2.i was travelling for two days out of valley to buddhist temple .(very tired0 cousins are moving to canada,very sad thing for me,ill miss my sister coz she was there for me in my hard times,but what are skypes for,right? puppy Gruchi,she is keeping m busy, i love her so much,she felt sick a while ago and it was a stressful time for me and my Gruchi but suprisingly she got out of the dange and now she is playing fine with me.ill introduce you to her and my brother after i finish writing this post.



keep your eyes out for me.ill be posting RANDOM INSPIRATION POST in my next post.


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