Movie Night

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This is my new outfit post for you guys, I wore this outfit for movie night with my brother.

totally Mouthwatering.:D

We went to the Mall,had iced tea and sizziling brownie with ice cream(yummm)and than headed for movies.I absolutely LOVED the movie.It was Heart Pounding,sad(i felt sad)I know ,for me Wars are sad,CRAZY ME right,! i cry watching war movies,actually every movie :)
I hope Nepal's cinema will play good english movies rather than some stupid movies..HEHE

till then.
Have Fun
The Electric HEart Girl!:]


  1. omg, look at rigzen,all grown up and a teenage:)you look fabulous as always and that sizzling brownie's making me hungryyyy,lol.i saw the movie and i loved it as well.

  2. I am so hungry after seeing that brownie! Love your blog doll, definitely following!
    Have a great day!


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