When it comes to fashion, i have been non experimenter. But these days i'm trying to lay my hands on everything. I used to have so many ideas about what to wear ,how to wear and what goes with what but i never had the guts or dare  to try it  on my own coz i live in a conservative community and feared for the judgement. So most of the time , i kept my thoughts to myself .
But now,i am more active and creative when its about fashion.I wont say i'm perfect (please don't judge me ;] )but i'm trying to do well when it comes to fashion.Please  check out my looks and my thoughts related to fashion on my blog in the future.

Here is my Farmer Girl look which does not look so farmer kind but this is what creativity is,right?
I'm wearing a Baggy Pants which can prove to be of a very good use during winter as you can wear  something thick or something warm inside.

WInter 08-09 was all about tights and skinny jeans which didn't really help to  keep ourselves warm but this winter why not try something NEW and also something helpful.^^Baggy Jeans will give you the exact satisfaction as well as a complete different look from the rest.


Have Fun with whatever you wear!
Till Then 
The Farmer girl
Rock Your Town WIth Your Presence.
The Electric HEart Girl.


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