Denim Top With High Waist Pant.

I like the Denim jacket with High Waist Pant with high heels and lil bit accessories..
It gives you a Stylish yet Sophisticated Image..
The Denim Jacket was given to me by sister so i had to make use of it perfectly..
The Jacket did a complete justice to my outfit..
For it , thank you my sister  and keep giving me stuffs. :D ily.

People if you have denim jacket like mine in your closet... Make use of it like I did.Denims are back :D

Till Then.
I'll come up with an exciting looks for people who know my Blog.
Take care.
As i always say, Rock your Town with your presence

The Electric Heart Girl.


  1. i love your outfit tenzikesang. amazing blog you have.
    i'll be following your blog:)


  2. Thank you acha!!
    Yu've got a nice blog too.I always go through it
    Blog more !!

  3. i Love this outfit =)


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